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Eesti Riiklik Arengukava



Name of the test Method, base Unit of measurement Value
Length of the panel 1262 ±1,5 mm
Width of the panel, h 570 ±1,0 mm
Thickness of the panel, L 45,5 ±1,5 mm
Thickness of the insulation layer, l 36 ±2,0 mm
Weight of the panel coated with clinker slabs kg/m2 ≤25
Capillary water absorbency EN12087 % <3
Water vapour permeability of the insulation layer EN12086 kg/(msPa).10-12 1,75
Compressive strength of the insulation layer at 10 % deformation EN826 kPa >250
Density of the insulation layer EN1602 kg/m3 >60
Tensile strength of the insulation layer EN1607 kPa >200
Shear strength of the insulation layer EN12090 kPa >100
Pull through strength of the fastenings ETAG017 kN >0,9
Thermal conductivity of the insulation layer EN12667 λ10


Thermal transmittance of the panel EN6946 W/m².K 0,96
Water vapour permeability of the panel EN12086 kg/(msPa).10-12 1,91
Reaction to fire EN13823 B-s1,d0
Frost resistance SFS5513-2 cycles >50
Air permeability in pressure 100 Pa EN12114 m3/m²/h 0,13
Airbone sound reduction index Rw EN140-3:1995 dB 37
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion <9,10-6