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Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn
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Eesti Riiklik Arengukava



RAKETERM is a system of renovation of external facades and thermal lagging for new and also old buildings. It is based on reinforced composite panels with polyurethane foam thermal layer and mineral covered surface. The covering layer of the panels is made from clinker tiles that are jointed with cement mortar. The main components of the insulation layer are polyurethane foam and pre-foamed polystyrene prills that are used as a filler.

The back of the thermal insulation layer is reinforced with glass fibre reinforcing mesh.

The external wall with installed RAKETERM panels looks like a brick wall with finished joints. The connection of the panels is dense and ensures moisture proof and windproof qualities.


"3 IN ONE" - stone lining, thermal insulation, wind barrier